Sox Double Plays Severely Hurting Run Production

The Red Sox are getting doubled up more than an adult film star.

The all time team record for team GIDP’s or “grounded into double plays”, is 174 set by the 1990 Boston Red Sox.

The 2009 Red Sox desperately want to break that record.

It is the top of the sixth inning on Friday, April 24 and the Red Sox are losing to the Yankees 2-1 because the Yanks have turned four double plays.

The Red Sox have 16 GIDP’s on the season.  That’s 16 in this, their 16th game.  So the Sox are on pace to hit 162 double plays.  But alas, the game is not yet over.  I’m sure more base-runners will be eliminated tonight via the double play.

This is unnaturally frustrating to watch as a Red Sox fan.  Jon Lester is pitching well, and Chamberlain has not.  Yet Chamberlain has given up only one run to the Red Sox, and Melky “Melk-Maid” Cabrera is on fire.

I would blame the Red Sox’s lack of speed, but Jacoby Ellsbury grounded into a bases loaded double play and was out by a good two steps.  So obviously, the Sox like hitting the ball right at people.  There’s poor luck, and then there’s the inability to loft a fly ball deep enough to score one of the many runners the Red Sox have had at third this game.  Right now, in the bottom of the 6th, the Red Sox have one out and runners at the corners with Nick Green up.

I’m trying to remain civil and not throw my television out the window.

Well HOLEEE COW.  Nick Green actually put a liner into right and the Red Sox scored.  It’s 2-2.  However, the double play is still in order, with runners at first and second.

More from this game at its conclusion, but Boston could easily have five or six runs if it was not for the double play.


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