Masterson Excells in First Start of ’09

Ha!  I bet you all thought I was going to write “Masterson Masterfull” for the headline.  No, even I’m not that corny.

But corny as it may sound, Masterson was brilliant today, throwing only 84 pitches in six innings during his spot-start for the DL-ridden Daisuke Matsuzaka.  Masterson started last season as well, performing well in both the bullpen and the rotation.  Once again, he has shown his outstanding ability to do both for the Red Sox again this year.

Masterson is the most valuable pitcher on this staff if he can keep doing what he has.  Having a guy who can get into the mentality of being in the bullpen, and then get into the mindset of a starter is almost unheard of.  He has shown no signs of being a dud in either spot, so until Dice can get back on the horse, keep Masterson going.

Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson

And now what does this do for the Red Sox pitching prospects?  Rumor has it that the Red Sox brass values Michael Bowden more that Clay Buchholz.  If this is the case, I believe Buchholz is expendable, and the Red Sox can dangle him out there for whatever they want.  This is difficult, though, because Buchholz has not started in the majors yet this year.  Don’t be surprised if he gets called up before the trade deadline to make a spot start here and there for the red sox to showcase him for possible trades.  George Kottaras is a fairly decent catcher, but it seems as if the Sox do not veiw him as a permanent fixture as of yet behind the plate.  Rumors of Buchholz going to Texas for either Jarrod Saltalmacchia or Taylor Teagarden, both considered top young catching talent.

The Red Sox have the best problem a team could possibly have.  Their starting pitching is young and full of depth.  All they have to determine now is who the odd-man out will be.


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