Washington Falls to 1-10; Could They Be Worst Ever?

The Washington Nationals lost again today.

I know, surprising, right?

There have been many examples of ineptitude in baseball over the game’s illustrious history.  The 1962 Mets went 40-120.  The 1899 Cleveland Spiders went 20-134.  Most recently, the 2003 Detroit Tigers went 43-119.

That Nationals can do so much better.  It has gotten to the point this season where I am hard-pressed to see Washington win more than 40 games.  Last season they went 59-102.  This season they have poor pitching and have already been bitten by the injury bug, with shortstop Christian Guzman going on the DL.  They have a collective ERA of 6.32.  Their team batting average is .269.

I could see this team signing on as Baltimore’s AAA team if things don’t go up for them.  This is a new level of low performance.  Moving back to Montreal does not look like an option, but maybe North Dakota wants a team?


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