Sox Shortstop Lowrie Possibly Done for Year.

Jed Lowrie has a bum wrist.

The Sox have little depth at shortstop.  While Julio Lugo put on a show in Spring Training, he has been injured, and I’d be surprised to see him back before June.  Stranger things have happened.  Nick Green has played extremely well so far, but he’s been a career utility man.  He may not be up for a full season, especially given his past health issues.

Julio Lugo

Julio Lugo

Many are calling for trades and the like.  Some rumors have the sox looking at Miguel Tejada.

Why?  Trade one washed up shortstop for a washed up shortstop with a high price tag?  No way.

We have lots of depth at the position in the minors in Gil Veleasquez and Ivan Ochoa.  Call them up if needs be.  But until that day arrives, and until Lowrie is definitively out, platoon Green and Lugo.  The Sox have done well in recent years not to pull the trigger on big time trades and signings they do not need.  With the vacancy at short, there will be a lot of pressure from fans and the media to find an everyday shortstop.

Just no.

Green has played better than Lowrie to this point, and when Lugo comes back, he may be able to pick up where he left off, and he brings some extra speed to a lineup that needs speed aside from Ellsbury.  If all else fails, we get Lando Calrissian to play short, cuz if Billy Dee can do it, well…



Be patient, Sox fans.  We have more important things to worry about, like when the starting pitching will come around.


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