Red Sox Escape; Pull Out Huge Win

Down 7-0 after 2 innings, the Red Sox clawed their way to a 10-8 win against the Orioles at Fenway Park.  Brad Penny got the start and owes every member of the offense a Rolex. 

This was another great performance by the Boston bullpen, and was a much-needed second straight win, their first winning streak of the season, as sad as that is.  But the Sox got lucky.  The baseball Gods seriously wanted the Sox to win this game.  The breaks were everywhere, whether it was a sure double play ball hitting the second base bag to deflect for a hit, or Aubrey Huff’s two errors at first.  OK, Huff was dismal at first base.

The only player who looked bad for the Sox was David Ortiz.

Let’s be real, when Nick Markakis hit the grand slam to put the O’s up 7-0, I called it.  I was done, I conceded the loss. For some reason I still watched, and was rewrded with an absurd win.  It was an excellent and exciting game throughout.


One response to “Red Sox Escape; Pull Out Huge Win

  1. I think he should only have to give up the win on Milano if he gets a W after an outing like that. Also, I would like readers to know that during the post-game conference, Penny stated that he really didn’t think the outing was all that bad and that he thought he pitched well. Mr. Penny, this is the AL East. Our standards are a bit different here.

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