Fans Boo David Ortiz at Fenway

Ortiz stepped, rotated his hips, and swung for the fences.  He struck out on a high fastball for the third time that night.  It was then that he heard what nobody thought he would ever hear at Fenway.

David Ortiz

David Ortiz

There were fans booing David Ortiz.

To those “fans”:  Never again step foot in Fenway Park.

Are you serious?  How dare you boo David Ortiz.  Are you forgetting what he’s done for the Red Sox?  Are you forgetting that from 2004 through 2006, he was the most dominating and impressive clutch hitter in baseball, and in Red Sox history?  Apparently you are.  Because when Pedro Martinez conceded to the Yankees that they were his daddy, David Ortiz stepped up and owned the Yankees.  In the 2004 ALCS Ortiz hit a walk-off homer in game 4 and then a walk-off single in game 5.  We don’t come back in 2004 without the man we call Big Papi.

Ortiz has done nothing but smile and enjoy Boston, and some fans are actually going to boo him for his rough start?

Absolutely not.

You are exaclty the fake-ass fairweather fans I don’t ever want to see as a true Sox fan.  Ortiz is a fading star, in all likelihood, but he will still get hits and put up some homers before he is done.  I will NEVER boo David Ortiz for what he has done for my favorite team.  He has earned the “B” on his cap well before this night.  If you truly love the Red Sox, you will never boo Big Papi.  It was a disgrace what took place at Fenway tonight.

Mark it down, Ortiz isn’t done yet…


3 responses to “Fans Boo David Ortiz at Fenway

  1. Mark it down- huge day for Papi today (4/20). Maybe the boos were just what he needed to get his act together.

  2. I just think he isn’t seeing the ball well recently, even though he says he is. He said he’s a very mechanical hitter, so if there’s something off in his swing, it should get fixed fairly soon. Seeing him take the ball to left and center field is a great sign, though.

  3. You know how Yahoo! has it’s “Can’t Cut List?”
    Well there should be a “Can’t Boo List” in baseball. One of the top names on that list would be David Ortiz.

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