Sox’s Skid Continues; Longoria on Fire to Start Season.

The Red Sox blew another one, leaving an astounding 25 runners on base in a 5-4 loss to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Sunday.  The Angels still have the most absurd name in baseball.  There are no signs this absurdity will end anytime soon.  The translation into English makes the Angels “The The Angels Angels of Anaheim.”

But the Sox still lost.  The pitching was shaky and the timely hitting has not been there to begin the season.  This is a regular slump that the Sox are fortunate to be going through now.  When teams slump in the middle of the season, the Red Sox should be able to take advantage.  The bullpen still looks OK, and Kevin Youkilis is hitting the ball extremely well, but if the Red Sox cannot find a way to knock in runners on second and third, they will end up losing a lot of games.

On another note, Rays third baseman Evan Longoria (no relation to the desperate housewife) hit his 5th home run of the season in only the sixth game of the year on Sunday.  Longoria has a .481 batting average and 10 RBI as well.  It will be interesting to see

how productive he will be.  Last season he finished with a .272 average 27 home runs and 85 RBI on his way to winning the rookie of the year award.  And all that in 122 games played because he missed an entire month with a wrist injury.  This season I can see him putting up at least 35 home runs and 110 RBI.  The average should level off for him and top out at .290, but he clearly has the potential to push .300.


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