Royally screwed by Yanks

Today my second favorite team, the oft maligned Kansas City Royals, got served by Andy Pettite and and Yankees.  I have the “fortune”, if you would call it that, of having access to the YES network, and was thus able to watch the game.  Pettite was dealing.  I mean, this was vintage 1996 Andy Pettite, and when he comes out, there’s really nothing most teams can do, especially a team such as Kansas City, who has made some serious investments in left-handed batters such as the power-hitting Mike Jacobs.  Jacobs and the lefty DeJesus looked miserable against Pettite today.

But Pettite only allowed 1 run over his seven innings of work and struck out six.  He may be the best offseason investment the Yankees made for their pitching.

Forget CC and his 6 earned for $161 million.  No more talk about Burnett’s $55 million for possibly being  the next Carl Pavano in New York.  Pettite’s incentive-based $5.5 million contract is what the Yankees really did right.

Andy Pettite (

Now I hate the Yankees with a passion because I am a Red Sox fan.  If there’s one pitcher on the New York squad I would least like to face in a big game, it would be Andy Pettite.  The Sox have schooled CC in the 2007 ALCS, and have banged up Burnett along with the rest of the league at times.  Pettite’s only faced Boston twice in the playoffs (’99 and ’03 ALCS’s) but has won both

games. He also has 14 playoff wins.  He’s 16-8 lifetime against the Sox.

Who better to have 4th in your rotation than Pettite?  I still feel the Red Sox did a much better job on their 2009 squad, especially in terms of finances, but the Yanks made the right call with Pettite.  His 216 career wins are 99 more than Sabathia’s and 128 more than Burnett’s.  He’s one of the smarter players in the league and has found success at the highest level of baseball during his entire career.  He’s made it in New York.  Andy Pettite should be a pitcher to watch out for this season, especially if he continues to pitch in the dominating fashion he did today.

Andy Pettite (

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